Are you paying too much tax?

Because there is a good chance that you are.

 Cardiff Tax Planning    

Keeping more of your hard-earned money.


Professional tax planning can save you money, and increase your income - your real income!       

Our consultants make use of existing tax laws to help save you money, and maximise your income potential. We can often substantially reduce your tax payments, or even eliminate them altogether.

Why should you get the best tax planning advice?

If you are self-employed, in a partnership or a director of a limited company, personal and business tax planning is vital.

Tax rates change often, and it is important to keep abreast of the changes and how they affect you personally via professional advice.

You may be involved with a limited company, but also have private income as an aside, in which case you complex tax arrangements should have the benefit of a tax specialist and possibly a legal tax specialist, and not simply and accountant.







You may have considered :-

How could I pay less tax, within the law?

Could my savings be invested in a more tax-efficient way?

Could I reduce the amount of inheritance tax my surviving family members might need to pay?

How I can emulate those caught, and seen on TV.

Tax avoidance may be labelled as immoral for some, but it is not illegal.

We can help you with :-


Offshore pension funds

Reducing corporation tax

Avoiding income tax

Avoiding inheritance tax

Contractor tax

Avoid stamp duty

Employee benefit trust

Non domiciled



You deserve to see the fruits of your labours, and to hang onto as much of your cash as you are legally entitled to.

Income Tax sheltering solutions are much in demand, but many people do not realise that there are a great many 'little-known' schemes and practices, such as the K2 Scheme used by certain well known comedians.

But the scheme is not illegal, and no joke. We can provide a range of solutions to suit your individual needs, and the needs of your family. We work with self employed persons, people in partnerships and comapny directors, and we have a track record of saving money for high earners.

We can offer our clients many avenues through many partners, and the chances are that the questions you will ask us - we have already heard, and recently.

For details of our strategies, please email us your contact details or call us for an initial chat.